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Thanks Dave. I can't ask for better customer service than that. You guys are great, and run a tight ship. I'll be ordering more as the year goes by. Thanks again for everything, and incredible customer service. It falls under "whatever it takes..."


"Ne Desit Virtus - Let Valor Not Fail"

  - The U.S. Army 187th Regimental infantry motto

On Carl Brashear -

"The navy owes this man an apology and his face should be on Mount Rushmore. The military should be ashamed of its damn self for treating a human being in such a manner. You would think that his heroism would of thwarted racism within the Armed forces but no dice-the show still goes on. Maybe one day this country might brighten up. "I'm on top and y'all far from here, scars from tears, man of honor like Carl Brashear." An honorable rest, for an honorable man, who was even more honorable than the organization under which he served!

  - Ray Canada - Albany

On Carl Brashear -

What a Man! [comment hidden] This is a true American hero; a true role-model for the young (both black and white). Please share this story with anyone who believes Tupac, Eminem, etc. are worth looking up to. God bless this man and his family.

  - Brian k. - Chesapeake

On Carl Brashear -

Thank you Sir -
Thank you for having the courage to do the right thing despite of all the wrong done to you.

  - John Ciely - Virginia Beach

"We're in the early stages of what I would describe as the third World War and, frankly, our bureaucracy's not responding fast enough and we don't have the right attitude."

  - Newt Gringrich on the Israeli / Lebanon 06 war, Meet the press July 16th 2006

101st Airborne - Americans

This New Design reflects the valiant actions of a very historic and gallant part of the 101st Airborne Company and the 187th Infantry Regiment (Rakkasans) is a regiment of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) of the United States Army...

101st Airborne - T-Shirt

The last three rounds in a mag should be tracer rounds. They will remind you are about to run out of ammo. When in doubt change it!

Every pair of troopers or buddy pair should have a "DET Tool" with crimpers in their gear. Helps to fix a lot of problems our job require.

Take a lead from the Corps... They have found the kill ratio success in Iraq has a lot to do with the Trijicon ACOG sights (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights) on there M-4's. While the ACOG will never replace great marksmanship skills, results are results!

Warrior Aid Pouch - $49.50!

The Warrior Aid Pouch is the next generation in immediate medical care equipment. Developed in conjunction with US Army combat teams deployed to Iraq, the Warrior Aid Pouch was designed specifically to meet the requirements of the "Care Under Fire" phase of the US Army's Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) doctrine of combat medicine. This innovative pouch features large capacity with a low profile similar in size to a 3 magazine M4/M16 pouch (7.5"H x3.5"Lx3"W approximately).

The WAP is constructed of MILSPEC 1000D Cordura® and 138 wt. bonded nylon parachute grade thread to withstand the rigors of combat. The WAP features a protective flap with distinctive markings easily identifying it as a medical aid pouch. This flap, when opened, reveals a tourniquet compartment on the front of the pouch for rapid access. The pouch opens quickly with a large "teardown" pull tab or by using the oversized nylon pulls on the heavy duty YKK® zipper. The "teardown" pull tab can be stored internally when not needed. The WAP features plenty of organized internal storage space for items such as large dressings (Israeli Emergency Care® dressing, etc.) and roller gauze. There are webbing tool loops for carrying items such as trauma shears, nasopharyngeal / oropharyngeal airways, forceps, etc. The Warrior Aid Pouch also features a clear vinyl card pouch for easy viewing of 9 line evacuation cards or witness statement cards. A roll of surgical tape can be secured at the bottom of the pouch utilizing a hook and loop strap. A drain hole is located at the bottom of the pouch for effective drainage. The WAP pouch mounts easily and securely to any MOLLE/PALS platform with our Flex-Tab (Patent Pending) mounting straps. The Warrior Aid pouch is currently only available in ACU pattern.

Dimensions: 7.5" high x 3.5" deep x 3' wide

MOLLE/PALS compatible attachment

Marked with black Medical Cross on top

Pouch zips open with pull tab side compartment

Constructed from MIL Spec 1000 D Cordura and 138 wt braided nylon parachute grade thread

Warrior Aid Pouch - $49.50!

National Character
Do we have it? How do we get it?

"Liberty is worth fighting for, and worth dying for."

That quote is not light and the man who said it knows all too well its price. (Read further to see who and why.) Seems some of the younger defenders or our country understand this concept while others do not.

"Syria knows what it needs to do and Hezbollah is the source of the problem" This was stated by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice recently when she defended her decision not to meet with either Syrian or Hezbollah leaders just previous to the recent Israeli - Lebanon (Hezbollah) war.

A principal that always holds true: belligerent nations wield military power not to defend their sovereignty but to vanquish and enslave other nations.

A recent example is the current war between Israel and Lebanon.

If a freedom-less nation desires independence and freedom more than enslavement, war is inevitable.

Each generation must face the inevitability of war and decide if freedom is worth the price of young men and machines marching into battle. In these instances, victory is paid for by the blood of the individuals fighting. If one generation rejects the principle of freedom being won through military victory, then liberty is lost.

Despite man's zealous efforts to achieve peace through diplomacy, wars will continue until the end of time, or human history.

"And you will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars; see that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom?" - Matthew 24:6-7a

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights Defines Our Liberty.

Yet, it would have been a worthless parchment without the six and a half year war which the Continental Army / Marines and John Paul Jones' Navy fought in to defeat the tyranny of the world's most intimidating fighting force at that time - the British Army and Navy.

Has our nation forgotten the source of our freedom and the vigilance required to maintain it? As mentioned earlier in this post, freedom isn't free. As an individual, when you get up in the morning, you have to look yourself in mirror and ask if you are doing everything you can to ensure liberty and freedom for you and your children and their children. We cannot deed them the shell of a country that is hypocritical about freedom.

"To preserve liberty it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them..." - Richard Henry Lee writing in Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republic (1787-1788)

As we watch dangerous situations unfold around the world and at home, it is uncanny how our bible points to other comparable points in history:

"Throughout history, deceptive words have been uttered to mask drawn swords..."

Anything Iran says today about "peaceful" intentions regarding their nuclear program... Hamas, a terrorist organization, running the government in Gaza... Hezbollah - which literally translated means "Party of God" - how ironic that this Party of God's main purpose is to make sure it completely destroys Israel, a country full of Jews, whom God truly loves as he has chosen them for so much of his work and to bring his word. Yet Hezbollah kills not only their soldiers but as many innocent Jewish women and babies as possible. Yes, a real "Party of God."

"Wicked nations proclaim peace when their true intent is to wage war and subjugate other nations" - Ezekiel 13:10-16

One of the best examples in the US History is the Japanese proclaiming peace as they were steaming to attack Pearl Harbor.

As I watch Korea and Iran go unchecked as our diplomats "plead for peace" and negotiate making countless compromises and concessions, I know this will all end in bitter disappointment and the peace will be violated and freedom thwarted only to make us all worse off.

How Should We Deal with North Korea & Iran?
Submit your Answer Here!

If you know me personally, you already know my answer.

This brings me to the questions posed to you in last month's newsletter dealing with national service:

Universal Military Training or Not?

Success on the battlefield is crucial for our nation's survival. This requires individuals to have a comprehensive military training program which transforms them into warriors against tyranny.

Therefore, a maximum number of men in each generation must be roundly instructed - instilled with individual and group discipline, team coordination, technical skills, tactical and strategic proficiency. Such intensive training is necessary to develop every warrior's ability to act under the stress of combat . Accomplishing this task demands a faculty of professional officers skilled in the Art of War.

"Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys. Look on them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death!"
  - Sun Tzu, the Art of War

"He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces. He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks. He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared. He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign."
  - Sun Tzu, the Art of War

It seems our current US policy is to have a small military as the world becomes more dangerous.

Our enemies are growing stronger which suggests we are growing weaker as we turn to international organizations (such as the UN) to underwrite freedom and peace.

Should the fate of our nation rest in the hands of the United Nations - who is not in alignment with what freedom truly means for us at home?

Should the United Nations be Part of our Policy Making?
Submit your Answer Here!

When I entered the military we were sworn in and took an oath:

"I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasions and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter so help me God."

I also think that this forgoing oath is every citizen's responsibility if they are enjoying the freedom of our nation. I can think of many benefits of universal military training but the most important is often ignored in our current war on terror - National Character.

This is a determining factor of our own citizens to support our military to victory. It also applies in every facet of our lives which collectively defines who we are as a nation. Unfortunately I did not get much feedback on this subject from the last newsletter. Hopefully it is because of the 4th of July holiday. So I will go this alone... with a look to a few before us - which should drive my point home. I think national service is crucial to national character. Freedom must be maintained. The military maintains freedom. Therefore, the military must be maintained and supported.

National character fills a need. A desire if you will, for as we go through life most of us feel a sense of duty and feel bad if we do not get a chance to contribute or do our part so we can get on with our lives without regret or feeling like we missed something.

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Switzerland and the Swiss.

"If you want peace, prepare for war."

"Peace is achieved through superior firepower."

Known to be neutral on the world scene but impregnable since about 1291 - all due to an armed neutrality which these quotes sum up.

The Swiss example of a de-centralized federal Republic and a well-armed citizen's army attracted the attention of English and American political observers in the 18th century, including many of the founders of the American Republic. The American Founding Fathers drew much inspiration from the Swiss example and incorporated many of their principles into the US Constitution, including the Second Amendment.

In 1911, American Colonel Bell noted that the Swiss had an unsurpassed love of country, Spartan patriotism and valor:

"While the Swiss believes in peace and desires it above all else, his good sense tells him that this is best assured by preparedness at all times."

Switzerland, alone among all the nations of Central Europe, successfully resisted the Nazi juggernaut during the Second World War. Switzerland was the one nation on the European Continent, from the Iberian Peninsula to the Volga River, that never succumbed either to the Nazi threats or military occupation. How this small republic succeeded in maintaining its independence, while completely encircled by aggressive totalitarian nations, needs to be remembered. The spiritual and military strength and resolve of the tiny Swiss nation to resist the overwhelming totalitarian threat should continue to inspire freedom-loving people everywhere. Every man in Switzerland has at least one rifle in his home. Switzerland was the only European nation which proclaimed that, in the event of an invasion, any announcement of surrender was to be regarded as enemy propaganda, and that every soldier must fight to the last cartridge, and then with the bayonet.

Their published and openly proclaimed military strategy was to make any invader pay a severe penalty for violating their neutrality. The order was: Keep Fighting. No surrender. No retreat. Fight to the last bullet and blade.

(And by the way, one of the most vicious fights in Swiss history was their national vote to join the United Nations. They did... by the slimmest margin in Swiss voting history... and their membership is by choice... very limited. In other words, they are not giving up their private ownership of guns anytime soon!)

This all starts with universal military training, something we do not share with our Swiss cousins - but should consider; For it:

  1. Builds a strong Military - with its depth of reserves to mobilize as necessary.
  2. Keeps the nation prepared which serves as a deterrent to war.
  3. Builds a strong core of leadership which carries into civilian life and has in history changed many of our politicians into leaders.
  4. Business and industries benefit greatly from military personnel entering the workforce.
  5. Military teaches principle and qualities past generations were taught in the home that are nearly non-existent now.
  6. As a by-product of military training, individuals learn responsibility, self discipline and maturity as they enter the civilian work place - thus you have a high quality of individuals helping the nation.

Should We Have Universal Military Training?
Submit your Answer Here!

I entered the Military out of high school and reflecting back I cannot think of a better place to grow up mature and become a productive person, contributing a positive impact on our nation. I remember the first year I returned home on leave and "could not wait" to see my friends, only to be shocked at how immature they were. Without the basic advantage of military training it takes many years longer for males to mature.

Long ago and from what I understand, in only half of our homes today - volunteering, national duty such as the Boy Scouts and the military fall into a family's sense of national duty. Fathers are mocked and traditional values all but replaced by an emasculation of anything male and traditional and thus young men are not learning these great truths - until it is all too late. So, as USASOC General Wayne Downing commented at the 50th anniversary of the Normandy invasion "If we do not breed heroes, finding them when we actually need them again may be all too late."

Our current times show heroes still live amongst us.

These are the Fundamentals of character I was taught during my Military Service:

  1. Maturity - the ability to make wise decisions based on reason - morals - principle.
  2. Will - perseverance to accomplish a goal regardless of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
  3. Flexibility - making timely and appropriate changes in thinking, plans or methods when you see a better way.
  4. Confidence - the assurance to be successful in all endeavors (confidence comes from training.)
  5. Endurance - mental, physical and spiritual stamina.
  6. Decisiveness - sound judgment at making good decisions at the proper time.
  7. Poise - while under stress confident control of emotions under adverse conditions.
  8. Initiative - the ability to take action without waiting for orders or supervision.
  9. Justice - the fair treatment of all people regardless of race, religion, color, gender, age, or national origin.
  10. Self Improvement - the readiness to read, study, seek challenges and work to strengthen beliefs, values, ethics, knowledge and skills.
  11. Assertiveness - taking charge when necessary.
  12. Compassion - sensitivity to the feelings, values, interests, and well being of others.
  13. Sense of Humor - not taking one's self too seriously.
  14. Creativity - thinking out innovative and better ideas, programs and solutions to problems (something nonexistent in our government today) programs.
  15. Bearing - posture, overall appearance and manner of physical movement.
  16. Humility - correct weaknesses or imperfections in your character, knowledge and skills.

I put this to you: when our young men are exposed and trained in these character traits I think you can see my argument, that they will raise the national character and preserve the country leaving a legacy of themselves.

Do we have National Character?
If Not, What Do You Think The Best Way Is To Get It?

Submit your Answer Here!

"Liberty is worth fighting for, and sometimes worth dying for." Said by Lieutenant Walt Ehlers, a D-Day 6th of June,1944 Medal of Honor recipient who expressed this feeling noted to a crowd in Pueblo, Colorado. Walt is still with us and an inspiration to us all...

   - Dave

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Next Month's Questions - Rules of War

  1. What is the most important rule of war?

  2. Should the Rules of War be governed by Politicians, Public and World Opinion, or should it be left to the soldiers on the ground and their leaders to use common sense, a knowledge of the enemy and battle field situations along with the good judgment and moral courage of our soldiers?

  3. Should soldiers be judged by the media in public or should they be judged by their unit and peers?

SO Tech Go Bag

Anytime.  Anyplace.  Anywhere.

But you dont want to look like a "war dog" or your girlfriends "Costco-commando" just yet. Because you never know when operations may call - you also want the utility of the best tactical tailoring?

Then our SO-tech Go Bag is for you!
Built to the usual standards of overkill - as is everything from our SF Gear & our SO Tech brothers - the Go-Bag is the natural progression from our SF GEAR Hog Roll into a dual use, over the shoulder, half ruck which can convert to a waist "fanny" pack.

Built on 1000 denier with fast-tex , it includes a large dual zippered main compartment that has a small inner compartment for a water bladder. Three small outer pockets that are good for frags and/or carbine and pistola mags. MOLLE webbing on the side panels is great for attaching additional exterior component attachments.

So be it a weekend getaway to Panama City or a fast load out to Kabul, our Go Bag is for you - whatever your mission may require!


  • Constructed of 1000 denier nylon
  • 3 outside on back zippered compartments 5" tall X 5" wide X 3" deep
  • 4 side zippered compartments 2 on each side 9" tall X 5" wide X 1" deep
  • Main compartment double zips open for easy access 20" tall X 5" wide X 6" deep
  • Long pouch on back of inside compartment open on top 16" tall X 5.5 " wide X 1.5" deep
  • Molle compatible attachments on sides
  • 2 Carrying handles one at each end
  • Adjustable Padded shoulder / waist strap with fastech quick release

Get the SO Tech Go Bag

Search And Rescue

The mission of the Naval Aviation Rescue Swimmer is to execute search and rescue (SAR) operations from rotary wing aircraft. The Rescue Swimmer shall be physically conditioned to routinely perform demanding rescues in all operational environments. The Rescue Swimmer's expertise shall provide fleet commanders the ability to assist Department of Defense and civilian personnel in distress.

The rescue swimmer shall be in, and maintain, proper physical condition, be proficient with rescue equipment and have the basic first aid, CPR knowledge and skills necessary to recover and assist personnel during SAR operations. The rescue swimmer must be able to function in physiologically demanding environments at sea or on land during day or night operations.

Aircraft carriers supply platforms with which to conduct search and rescue, and are a primary place for Rescue swimmer operations be they involving recovery of combat, or civilian personnel.

Rescue Swimmers were involved in hurricane Katrina, The 2004 Tsunami that rocked the Indian Ocean, and daily operate in hostile environs where a man is the water is the only guy who is going to save a life. Both Navy and U.S coast guard Rescue Swimmers attend the Navy's Rescue Swimmer School at NAS Pensacola, FL.


Get Your "US Navy Search And Rescue" T-shirt Today!

SAS Survival Drivers HandBook - On Sale for $23.95!

John 'Lofty' Wiseman (like many within the SAS cadre), perfected his driving skills during his 26 year career. He has driven all over the world, often under the worst imaginable conditions. This manual which will give every driver from the complete beginner to the most experienced, the confidence to drive anywhere safely.

You'll learn:

  • Evasive driving - techniques to help you escape car-jackers and other attackers.
  • What safety features to look for when choosing a car.
  • Protecting your car and its content from thieves.
  • Adjusting your driving to prevent skids and accidents occurring in adverse conditions such as fog, heavy rain, snow and ice.
  • How to service your car while reducing running costs.
  • What to do if you are involved in an accident and quick-fix repairs to get you home.
  • Countering and preventing road rage and other dangerous acts of aggression.
  • Defensive driving - minimizing the risks of motoring by learning to anticipate hazards and cope with them effectively.
  • Safety tips for long distance driving and holiday travel at home and abroad.

Ordering it now will make you that much closer to surviving your next road rage terror attack... or that random "little old lady" who never saw you coming!

By John 'Lofty' Wiseman
239 pgs

SAS Survival Drivers HandBook - NOW ONLY $23.95!

Special Operations Target Interdiction Course T-Shirt
ON SALE $10.00!

SOTIC or the "Special Operations Target Interdiction Course" purpose, is to train selected personnel in the technical skills and operational procedures necessary to deliver precision rifle fire from concealed positions to selected targets in support of special operations forces. Course emphasis it to provide the force with personnel who can achieve first-round hits from a cold barrel on these high-value targets. Additionally, personnel will be able to correct for wind and determine the previous round's bullet trace to achieve second-round hits if necessary.

The SOTIC is a six-week course conducted at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Students will be attached to Company D, 2d Battalion, 1st Special Warfare Training Group (Airborne), U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Students must be:

  1. Currently assigned to or on orders to a Special Forces detachment of Ranger company, currently Ranger-qualified or Special Forces-qualified, or selected Department of Defense personnel.
  2. Must have a current periodic physical. Students must have their medical records with them when they report for in-processing. Vision must be correctable to 20/20 in each eye.
  3. Must have in their possession a memorandum from their unit commander certifying that the student has scored expert with the M16A1/M16A2 rifle in accordance with FM 23-9, M16A1 Rifle and M16A2 Rifle Marksmanship, July 1989, within 12 months of the reporting date.
  4. Must have undergone a psychological evaluation (Minnesota Multi-phasic Personality Inventory) under the direction of a qualified psychologist within 12 months of the reporting date. A copy of the evaluation must be presented on the course starting date.
  5. Must have in their possession an original verification of their security clearance (copies unacceptable), dated no earlier than 30 days prior to the course starting date.
  6. Must meet the Army height and weight standards as prescribed in AR 600-9, Height and Weight Standards.
  7. Must currently be on jump status and be medically qualified to participate in airborne operations.

Skills learned are :

  • Applying Basic Tracking For The Sniper
  • Arctic desert, jungle, alpine and urban Survival
  • Camouflage and Concealment - Slide chart presentation.
  • Camouflage and Concealment - Notes accompanying the presentation
  • Dehydration
  • Fieldcraft
  • Fire Building
  • Fire Support Planning In Support Of Scout/Sniper Operations
  • Ghillie Suit Manufacture
  • Heat Stress in the Tactical Environment
  • Holding for Windage, Motion, and Distance - Slide chart presentation
  • Information Gathering For The Scout/Sniper
  • Maps: An introduction
  • Movement Techniques
  • Patrolling Fundamentals I
  • Patrolling Fundamentals II
  • Patrolling Fundamentals III
  • Patrolling - The Warning Order
  • Patrolling - The Operations Order
  • Shelter Construction
  • Survival
  • Sniper Field Training Exercises
  • Sniper FTX Summary
  • Sniper Positions
  • Weather and Its Effects

A very demanding course for a very demanding and special force: the U.S. Army Special Operations Sniper.

Get your SOTIC T-Shirt - NOW ONLY $10.00!

Carl Brashear - Navy's First Black Deep-Sea Diver Inspired Film, 75

After enduring threats from white shipmates and efforts by Navy officers to sabotage his final exam in diving school, Carl Maxie Brashear emerged as the Navy's first African American deep-sea diver.

So he had no intention of giving up that hard-won position in 1966, after injuries suffered while recovering a bomb from the ocean left him an amputee.

In the months after the accident, Brashear put himself through grueling physical training and held fast to an attitude, learned from his father, that worked in the face of racism as well as disability.

"It's not a sin to be knocked down," Brashear told the Salt Lake Tribune in 2002. "It's a sin to stay down."


Eric Caban

A Special Forces Soldier was killed in combat July 18 in southern Afghanistan when his combat reconnaissance patrol was attacked by the enemy and he was hit by small arms fire.

Staff Sgt. Eric Caban was born on March 28, 1978 in Manhattan, N.Y. He joined the Army in September, 1997. After attending Infantry training at Fort Benning, Ga., he was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment where he served as a sniper platoon member and team leader. In October 2001, he deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and participated in a combat jump to overtake Kandahar Airfield. He then left active duty to attend college in February 2002.


Andrew Sudduth - Olympic Rower dies at 44

Olympic rower Andrew Sudduth, who later helped develop server technology used by many Internet providers, has died of pancreatic cancer at age 44.

Sudduth, who grew up in Exeter, N.H., and lived in Stow, rowed on the eight-man team that won silver in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. He rowed on eight national and Olympic teams in the 1980s and won medals four times at the World Rowing Championships. He also won singles sculling events in five separate Head of the Charles regattas.

"He was one of the best rowers in the United States and certainly one of the greatest Harvard oarsmen ever. He had quite an extraordinary record," Harvard men's rowing coach Harry Parker told The Boston Globe.


Former Marine Receives Navy Cross for Heroism

Fort Bragg special operations forces played an integral role in the air strike that killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, according to a congressional source.

Al-Zarqawi was al-Qaida's leader in Iraq and the mastermind behind a bloody campaign of terrorist attacks on U.S. soldiers and Iraqi civilians.


A Shadow War is also Fought against Hamas by Israeli Undercover Troops in Gaza and West Bank

Saturday morning, July 8, the Israeli military announced the withdrawal of the armored force fighting under tank and helicopter cover in the al Atrat outskirts of the northern Gaza town of Beit Lahiya since Thursday, and the advance of a second contingent through the Karni crossing into central eastern Gaza to carry on the counter-missile purge.

Earlier reports that Israeli troops had taken up positions in the evacuated Israeli locations of Eilei Sinai and Dugit were not repeated.


Alabama Pilot Who Aided Cuban Invasion Leery of Castro's Demise

Retired military pilot Joe Shannon isn't writing off Fidel Castro in Cuba, and he's got good reason.

Shannon, 85, is one of the few surviving American fliers who participated in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961. He fears Cuban exiles in Miami and elsewhere are getting excited too quickly over Castro giving up power to his younger brother Raul.

"I think the celebration might be a little premature," Shannon said Tuesday. "His brother is more radical than him, and a little younger. I think they'll have more of the same."


The Profits of Fear

I'm cruising into the small town of Williams, Arizona, heading for the laundromat, when my pickup truck coughs and dies, leaving me stranded at the side of old Route 66. As I pause to consider my options, my cell phone rings. The inventor of the neutron bomb is on the line.

"Charles, this is Sam," he says, sounding elderly and erudite. "Did you hear about Edward?"


Cuban exiles rejoice after Castro cedes presidency

Cuban exiles reacted with exuberance at the news that Fidel Castro had temporarily ceded power to his brother late Monday night, taking to the streets, dancing and honking their car horns in celebration that decades of dictatorship in Cuba was coming to an end.

But today, the initial joy turned mostly to uncertainty as Cubans paused and considered the unanswered questions: why did Mr. Castro himself not appear to announce his illness? Was he alive or dead? What would the future bring for families with loved ones in Cuban prisons, or for those with executed relatives in the grave?


Port Security: Improving Emergency Response Capabilities at The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

Californias seaports are vital to the global economy and highly vulnerable to terrorist attack. Today, over 95 percent of the volume of all U.S. foreign trade moves through Americas ports, but less than five percent of all shipping containers entering the United States are inspected.


World War II Vet Undertakes One Last Mission

George Ciampa is a man with a deadline.

He is determined to pass along what he learned as a skinny 18-year-old, assigned to scour European battlefields for bodies and parts of bodies and place them in makeshift mattress-cover shrouds for burial.

What he learned, he says, was the fragility of freedom, and what happens when it is taken away.


638 ways to kill Castro

The CIA's outlandish plots to bump off the Cuban dictator would put 007 to shame ... poison pills, toxic cigars and exploding molluscs. Once he even offered to shoot himself, reports Duncan Campbell.

For nearly half a century, the CIA and Cuban exiles have been trying to devise ways to assassinate Fidel Castro, who is currently laid low in Cuba following an operation for intestinal bleeding. None of the plots, of course, succeeded, but, then, many of them would probably be rejected as too fanciful for a James Bond novel.


Island Hunting Plan Misses Target

A controversial plan to establish a hunting haven for disabled veterans on rugged terrain in Channel Islands National Park has already taken flak from the National Park Service, congressional Democrats, environmentalists and local governments in coastal California.

Now, disabled veterans have joined in, shooting down the proposal for Santa Rosa Island that Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-El Cajon), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, has said he crafted for their benefit.

Special Forces Gear (800) 260-4127