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Thought you would appreciate this, serving overseas and using the tshirts for our det. good stuff.


Psy Ops T-Shirt

"In night operations, the advantage is with the attacker; he knows what he is going to do."

~ Colonel William O. Darby

"Failing to prepare is preparing to fail"

~ Unknown

"...Posterity is the crucible from which gold emerges."

~ Ron Cynewulf Robbins
Former director of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's National Television News, On The Life Of World War Two Great Britains Spymaster, Sir William Stephenson (A Man Called Intrepid)

"BORTAC" or the US Border Patrol Tactical Unit (USBP or BP), is the mobile uniformed branch of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS-- Now immigration and CUSTOMS Enforcement or ICE) , has as its mission the detection and prevention of smuggling and illegal entry of aliens into the United States, with primary responsibility between the Ports-of-Entry.

Patrol Agents perform their duties along, and in the vicinity of, the 8,000 miles of United States boundaries. Agents patrol by means of automobile, boat, aircraft, horseback, snowmobile, motorcycle, bicycle and afoot.

To help it execute the missions it is tasked with performing, the US Border Patrol maintains several tactical units, located at various locations throughout the US. These units operate under the direct control of the Headquarters, Special Response Teams, located in Washington, DC. BORTAC is the BP's national level tactical unit.

US Border Patrol - BORTAC T-Shirt

1) Combat ready sleeping bag: never zip into a bag, instead lay down on your mattress or sleeping pad then lay the bag over you unzipped thus if you have to move fast your good-to-go with out hassling with a zipper!

2) MRE plastic sleeves make excellent:
Field Slippers (for sizes under 9 only)... Youll need two plastic MRE packets for each foot. Make sure to turn MRE sideways
Water buckets
& Waterproof Containers

3) Although theyre becoming more and more obsolete - 35mm still film containers and a little 100 mile-per-hour tape make excellent survival kits when affixed to a sheath knife scabbard.

Delta Sling

Includes adapters. Fits right and left handed on the M4, M14, M16, M203 and similar rifles. Built tougher using metal buckles and 1 1/4" nylon webbing. This is our most recommended sling designed for the military. Battle proven with tens of thousands currently in use all over the world including Iraq and Afghanistan.


Strength rated nylon webbing and tapes

American name brand plastic and metal fasteners (Duraflex, ITW Nexus, ACW, etc.).

Stress points anchored by double stitching, bar tacks, and box X's

Get Delta Sling - 3 Point Ambidextrous 1.25" Web Metal Hardware Today!

Dear Reader,

May I suggest to you the following...

Once upon ago in the U.S. of A, being called and known to be "A message to Garcia Guy" was a silent honor in both military and business communities.

In all U.S. military circles an effective dynamic or trust between subordinate and commander is the corner stone to the most key element to making the U.S military the effective institution it is... Honor self-reliance and initiative. Initiative? Its doing the right thing without being told. Next to doing the right thing with out being told, is to do it when you are told, once.

I remember when I first went to basic training my D.I. always demanded a "no excuse sir(!) policy when applying whatever he would task us, his young charges in doing. Once the D.I. knew we were ready to take responsibility for our actions then he might inquire further insights to a particular situation.

By my and the other recruits reply of "no excuse, sir(!)" to whatever our D.I. would order, he knew we were taking responsibility and ready to see what kind of message to Garcia "types we might be.

When I went to Basic I did not know why this was to be. However as I gained experience and became a leader I realized what this process of forced humility was all about. Everyone in the military goes through Basic and everyone thinks its purpose is to break them. But it's purpose is really to teach us humility when we are young.

Everyone in the military goes through basic training and everyone thinks its purpose is to break them. But it's purpose is really teaching Humility amongst us when we are young.

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One of the few great traditions agreed by leaders churned out by everyone... from the boy scouts, services academies and good old common sense D.I.s to many a grunt like me was the embodiment if not the specific message of such truly U.S. warrior character of the original " message to Garcia Guy", the late Col. Andrew Rowan USA ret (1857-1943).

Rowan was a man to whom "NO EXCUSE, SIR(!)" would be as integral to him as was his fame for the action for which his choice of beyond common initiative would find him a cherished icon amongst generations of U.S. leaders in both the military and civilian enterprises (though sadly, nearly lost to us, today).

Let me explain: a character possessing honor self reliance and initiative, requires an ability of one to have self humility. Humility, which though better as a natural gift from birth, can often be a learned milestone in ones career as a warrior. It is often times painful and something we learn from and try to communicate; something that often happens in the most simplest of military basics and necessary to be a effective leader.

When a superior gives an order to a subordinate and that order or task is not completed the only response the subordinate should give is "NO EXCUSE, SIR!" No matter how trivial or great the key to insure it does not happen again by the subordinate or his peers is for their Superior to effectuate self humiliation - the often times painful process of seeing what went wrong and fixing it .. However sometimes, a greater self humiliation or punishment is appropriate.

For the superior, as a leader, the administration of such humiliation to the subordinate is to learn from their mistake is (believe it or not) often more painful than the punishment or humiliation being taken. Yet it is the key to insure that under fire US troops are not like republican guards fleeing.

We are taught by NCOs to learn that the failure to act on behalf of the collective in return for ones self is against almost all prescribed anecdotes for affecting the respect necessary for warriors to follow the high standards which the U.S. Military is known for.

Having an excuse as a subordinate is self justification and is a emotional defense mechanism that within responsible paramilitary outfits only causes harm as it hides and masks the truth. Humility has us face the truth and allows us to learn and advance beyond our mistakes.

In the military we use the "NO EXCUSE, SIR(!)" policy to prevent the arrogance or self justification to enforce HUMILITY ON TO THE INDIVIDUAL TO LEARN AD ADVANCE, instead of looking for excuses to justify ones actions. In all boot camps forced humility is affected upon recruits to try and break one down so a soldier finds and grasps self humility.

Any good leader knows when failure occurs he knows this is nothing you can do about what already happened so he becomes concerned with preventing future failures and mistakes. He does so by focusing on solutions.

Did you learn your lesson? Or are you all about excuses?

An excuse only compounds problems.

Today we in Special Forces have bequeathed speed and flexibility into the backbone as now traditions of military commands. However we ourselves, who are ever and ever demanding a better warrior, often forget how crucial being men who retain comprehension and effectuation of the No excuse sir(!) mindset is what does lead us to becoming message to Garcia guys whether inbreed, self taught or learned by example. Though sometimes, we too get lazy. We too believe the guy who is our pal will always be there for us because of the high standards SO Forces put on camaraderie of warriors.

Those who can-do "carry a message to Garcia guys" - Men like Colonel Andrew Rowan and his modern incarnates, volunteer daily as privates airmen and seamen and will always get a high praise as a replacement to their lower pay

Its up to you to get this, understand it and when you do, pass it on to a friend.

Read the enclosed links when you can and ask yourself "AM I a "no excuse sir(!) [Message to] Garcia Guy?"

If so the good ole U.S. of A and her Department of Defense and Law Enforcement outfits are delighted in your service.

Thank you and hearty "Hoohahs",

About a Message to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard
How I Carried the Message to Garcia by COL Andrew Rowan
About the Man Who Delivered the Message to Garcia
Garcia Doesn't Get The Message, These Days

Rigger's Belts were designed after Army ranger and SF jumpers started tearing apart cargo strap webbing on jump planes and modifying them as heavy duty replacements for their issue web belts. SF Gear has three versions depeding on your needs.


Order Your SERE Belt Today!
  • Strength rated nylon webbing and tapes
  • American name brand plastic and metal fasteners (Duraflex, ITW Nexus, ACW, etc.).
  • VelcroTM and Rip and GripTM mil spec hook and loop fastener.
  • Stress points anchored by double stitching, bar tacks, and box X's.

Rigger's Belt

Get the Rigger's Belt!

We have created a new line with a wide variety of belt styles to fit everyone's needs. And for those we overlooked, we will custom build to suit their specs. The belts are constructed of Type 13 webbing, MS22040 forged steel buckles, and sewn with parachute weight thread to a 7,000 lb. breaking strength.

Stiff Rigger's Belt

Check out the Stiff Rigger's Belt

Troops need a heavy belt to hang their holsters and pouches on without bowing and sagging. Some want a belt that is flexible and comfortable and others want them rigid to support the weight of a sidearm.

USAF Tactical Air Command and Control is a specialty which performs and manages tactical air control party (TACP) operations. They provide the Air Force assistance and expertise in planning and controlling combat air resources. Operates and supervises communications nets to support army ground maneuver units.

Wherever American military forces are found, TACP airmen are sure to be nearby. Nicknamed the "Air Force infantry" because they spend most of their career assigned to Army units, tactical controllers can most often be found embedded with special operations forces.

Their primary role is to direct combat strike aircraft against enemy targets and also coordinate artillery fire with air strikes To accomplish their mission, tactical controllers serve on the front line, often in advance of any other military units.

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Rigger's Belt

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MARPAT Digital Boonie Hat

Desert / Woodland / Urban Digital Boonie Hat

MARPAT Patterns

  • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
  • Meets US Military Specs
  • Brass Screen Vents
  • Adjustable Chin Straps

Available in Desert Camo, Woodland Camo and Urban Camo

NOW FOR $8.50!

Coasties in Operation Iraqui Freedom

The Coast Guard is a vital component of the U.S. military forces during times of war and conflict. Due to our multi-mission character and capabilities, as well as our unique abilities in port, coastal and environmental security, the U.S. Coast Guard has served in numerous roles during Operation Iraqi Freedom.


The 'Gun That Won the West' May Lose it's Made-in-USA Label

The factory that created the rifle immortalized by films stars like John Wayne and James Stewart is threatened with closure after 130 years. ANDREW GUMBEL reports on an American icon Last frontier.


A Straight Shot Into ... Mexico?

Fifty feet underneath the warehouse, groundwater drips from the jagged sandstone walls of the longest illegal tunnel ever found under a U.S. border.

The tunnel makes a sharp turn south and, lit by a string of 60-watt bulbs, extends a third of a mile farther, all the way to the U.S.-Mexico border.


Special Operations Soldiers killed in Afghanistan

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (USASOC News Service, Feb. 17, 2006) Four Army Special Operations Soldiers died Feb. 13 north of Deh Rawod in central Afghanistan, when the vehicle they were traveling in struck an improvised explosive device.

Killed were Staff Sgt. Edwin DazaChacon, Sgt. 1st Class Chad Gonsalves, both of 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), and Sgt. Alberto Montrond of Group Support Battalion, 7th SFG (A) here along with Staff Sgt. Clinton T. Newman from the 321st Civil Affairs Brigade, San Antonio, Texas.


Patron Saint for Handgunners? Gun Campaigner Presses Vatican

A Roman Catholic gun campaigner who says the Vatican should support the right to bear arms in self-defense is pressing ahead with a drive to have the church name a patron saint for handgun owners.

John Snyder, a former associate editor with the NRA's journal, The American Rifleman, has on several occasions lobbied the Vatican to consider naming Saint Gabriel Possenti to that position, most recently last week during a visit to Rome.

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