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Dave, My husband worked with the men who went down. He was in the Fire base with them for almost nine months. He came home not quite two weeks prior to the tragidy. Thank you for recognizing the SpecOps community loss. And the My Hero Wears a Green Beret (T shirt)went over quite well when he got off the bus.

Thank you again,


Act like a man of thought - Think like a man of action -

Thomas Mann

You must concentrate upon and consecrate yourself wholly to each day, as though a fire were raging in your hair.

- Taisen Deshimaru

When the World is at Peace, a gentleman keeps his Sword by his side.

- Wu Tsu

The USMC will always hold a special place in the No Surrender philosophy... The Marines fighting spirit deserves special attention: The Marines holding out on Wake Island during WWII.

When the Japanese initiated the attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941, they did not neglect the tiny island of Wake which served as an outpost for Hawaii. Their plans had been for a speedy seizure of this objective; however, the Marine garrison thwarted their initial attempts.

Late in December, the enemy returned with an even more powerful armada. Attack after attack was mounted against the heroic defenders. All Marine planes were shot down, casualties mounted. The situation was becoming desperate. However, communications were still maintained with Pearl Harbor. A relief expedition was mounted but the remnants of the Navy were so pitifully weak that the mission was cancelled at the last minute.

Finally, Pearl Harbor queried Wake Island "Is there anything that we can provide?" In one of the last messages from the doomed island came back the transmission: "Send us more Japs!" No Surrender, Ask any Marine!

No Surrender Tshirt - USMC #2

Use those 5.56 Bandoleers at the Range for a quick and dirty Survival - First Aid - quick snak-E and E kit using each pouch as a separate compartment...

When Room Clearing always practice a well rehearsed, well executed entry. Make sure your buddies field of fire works well with yours. (From an operator who HAS been wounded in a kill house)

How to tell time without a watch - Let's say sunrise in your area is around 6 a.m. and sunset is around 6 p.m. That means that midway between where the sun rises and sets it will be noon. Just imagine the whole arch of the sky from horizon to horizon as being 12 hours. That's because it takes around 12 hours for the sun to go from one point to the other. (From your perspective it will, but we know the sun isn't moving; the earth is rotating and so the sun looks like it is moving.) When the sun is almost directly over your head, the time will be noon.

Hellcat Mark 2

Center Split Six Internal M4 Magazine Pouches Creates More Pouch Attachment Space The Mark 2 Converts the Hellcat into a Calahan and is the choice from the A to Z of Army and Marines specop units.

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Musings on Gladiators, Rowing, and Fight Bravo Sierra Back Home

Along with the essence of winning and the balls to pull it all off...

Look, if you have just stumbled onto this site somehow and are part of that aspect of society what I call the "sheep" of our republic, who want to bitch and moan and have found this site to see how what an insensitive bunch of baby killers we are --

Take heed! ... Then go of to a Joan Baez concert

And then, thank yourself for being lucky enough to have come across a mind opening enlightenment we call "Special Forces."

Here you'll engage into a part of the collective mindset which might cause your brothers, sons and daughters to consider why losing is not in our creed; or any free man for whom we fight for. If you think the following is a little rough, I've got two things too say to you:

Re-visit who you are and how it relates to the following intel
Feel lucky your not speaking 'freely' to me directly - you wouldn't stand a chance.

I'm told that my fellow patriots in Navy SEALs have an adage that goes something like "it pays to be a winner." Which is a mantra instilled through them all through training... which is perhaps why 70 percent of their trainees wash out perhaps because if one looks around our modern society - you know, the winners - the guy or gal with a up-beat, can-do attitude, who doesn't always get a victory but does not crumple in defeat.

Each year, (due in part to a nation of dope headed managers [...Some other time...] and wise men who want to just call you a winner cause you look good), it's harder and tougher to find those who even get a 'china-man's-chance' at learning what the following winning character is all about.

Some muse its now affecting the military as it did after Vietnam... Hmmm...

"It is in vain, sir," said US patriot Patrick Henry back in March of 1775, "... to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, "Peace! Peace!" - but there is no peace. The war has actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the North will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!"

...A few years later...

...on the beaches and rock of a place now embedded in the hearts all US Soldiers, Sailors, Airman, Coast Guardsmen and Marines - IWO JIMA - such words were probably not on the warriors lips as much as they were in there heart and actions and souls.

The battle for Iwo Jima can be described in many ways. Most simply it took 70,000 Marines to route 22,000 Japanese in a 36 day battle. Almost one hundred thousand men would fight on a tiny island just eight square miles. Four miles by two miles. If you're driving 60 miles an hour in your car, it takes you four minutes to drive four miles. It took the Marines 36 days to slog that four miles. Iwo Jima would be the most densely populated battlefield of the war with one hundred thousand combatants embraced in a death dance over an area smaller than one third the size of Manhattan island. The geography, topography and geology of the island guaranteed a deadly and arcane battle. The large numbers of men and small size of the island ensured the fighting would be up close and vicious with little mercy.

The Marines had overwhelming force and controlled the sea and air. The Japanese had the most ingenious and deadly fortress in military history. Though the Japanese were fighting a tenacious defensive battle, protecting the front door to their ancient land. And were doing it for a selfless reason - for their God-Emperor - they felt they had to die fighting. The battle for Iwo Jima bore little resemblance to today's modern warfare. It has been likened to a fight of gladiators. Japanese Gladiators in the catacombs of the Iwo Jima fighting among trap doors and hidden tunnels. Above ground, US Marine gladiators used flame throwers to burn the underground gladiators out of their lethal hiding places and using the corpse of a buddy who had just fallen next to him to keep going when everything seemed beyond hopeless.

...And yet, ask any US survivor of that battle of hell-on-earth, and they know there were a couple reasons why they prevailed: Attrition, better supply lines and the pure will to win.

The Marines had Esprit de Corps and felt they could not lose. Such high spirit and will to win is what kept them going when the odds were about as against them as it gets. The Marines were projecting American offensive power thousands of miles from home shores with a momentum that would carry on to create the Century of the Pacific. Perhaps our fathers Marines were able to have this spirit as is came from their and our fore fathers?

Or was it just all dumb luck?

A lot of both I'd say.

...No, I'm sure those Marines at Iwo shared that love of winning and freedom which the tomes of firebrand Patrick Henry gave them and us to gnaw on two centuries ago...

UCLA basketball Coach John Wooden who once bemused how "...winning takes talent, to repeat [it] takes character..." Applied that adage to the U.S. Olympic Oarsmen of 1984 there 8 man boat was recorded as the near undefeated favorite fastest in all the international lead up to Olympic competitions; while the untried disliked and apolitical Double Scull Team of then Bad Boy Californian Brad Lewis and Paul Enquist won their U.S trial and yet had their asses kicked and showed marginal performances all over the globe, prior to such.

But Lewis nor partner Enquist, were "Elitist" brats in character or stature: one a surfer, the other a commercial fisherman. They were driven; hard-core outsider athletes with an intensity and contrasting calm found in the ranks of SF, Recon Marines and other elite units. They knew their managers and coaches could not take away the fire in the gut that roared like the furnace of an steam engine. Lewis and Enquist got a gold medal... The Eight man boat did not... and rumor has it the eight athletes no longer talk or row).

The point being is that winning as a U.S. Citizen takes Guts and Desire, be you a Marine at Iwo, Patrick Henry, or an Olympic Oarsman or modern day Special Forces warrior is all about your will and desire to be the best; starting from at home at a young age. It continues with a respect of learning and knowing and comprehending right from wrong that deep within all U.S. Citizens freedom is maintained by all of us knowing we must honor and fight for each other's version of what that means.

Though it seems in the face of anti war - and tragic recent events within the US Army Special Forces ranks due to stresses of soldiering during an unpopular campaign commences on the home front. Like often before slogans like "Train to Fight. Fight To Win. Win to be Forever Free." ...are not just a catchy bumper stickers, but evident truths we must be victorious with to remain a free society.

War is all about winning not politics.
It takes integrity, intestinal fortitude; leadership qualities and a military rank which believes them to win the slightest "bump" of a war let alone the undertaking of this clash of civilizations and methodologies we now face.

To understand how special a force the US soldier and its allied fighting man or woman risks it all for our freedoms, is a humbling truth when you're a professional or apolitical or innocuous to the events which allow you to remain a individual in the U.S. But once understood fully, citizens learn it is learned to be in a way that is far more permanent than any politics they might come serve.

Regulating war is a managers job and mangers don't win wars or the Olympics, the soldiers and athletes do.

Like the tale of Lewis and Enquist:
Some people think managers are leaders, but mangers suppress, regulate and create problems for talent usually based on a ego or bias for regulating . Leaders motivate, inspire, solve and find solutions to problems . Mangers rein tyranny and stifle all efforts to win by thinking they can regulate the activity. Leaders do the right thing regardless of the consequences, often times to there own undoing - make sure things are done right. Leaders make sure its right. Don't ever confuse leadership with management. Leadership inspires freedom and individualism management takes it away.

The 1984 U.S. Men's team Olympic 8 man boat, had a self professed heir of them selves under the mind controlling tutelage of communist defector (who was most likely granted citizenship because he did not leave his politics at home!) coach named Korzienowski who treated the athletes like gulag trash. Sure they were fast and good, but they burned out and learned (like our old Cold War foes) that Iron Curtains are for Iron Robots.

Lewis and Enquist in contrast were their own leaders and managers and athletes in a system which did not appreciate before there win any more than the media appreciates the soldier when wars go bad. Yet, they came home with the Gold.

So how do we win at home?
That's easy in notion, tough on execution. it all starts with demanding good leadership from the top down, at home. No excuses either side of the aisle for dollars over sense. U.S. Citizens need to wake up from this crack-o-phony guise of liberal politics against 'anything' that is US for US and her allies in freedom and call it what it is: UN , elitist minded, " we-know-better 'FOR YOUR OWN GOOD(!)'- than-you-ever-can" globalism; to put the USA on a road where she is no longer a nation governed by our citizens to preserve self preservation controlling her internal voice.

The responsibility of Winning at War resides with parents and teachers instilling the sacred truths essential to maintain a military representative of its nation. As leaders, these elders must have or gain the wisdom needed to accomplish this task to our kids and teens, no matter the odds as they must be conscious and accountable for molding impressionable minds, who without such guidance might be candidates against respect and every thing which freedoms responsibilities require and ensure.

Time to rise above such 'crack-pottery' which is the total and complete opposite of what stands behind a will to win and maintain this free nation.

Winning can be an individual thing. Winning as a military representing and coming from a free society is winning for each and every man woman and child and NOT just those few in government who send one to war -- no matter how much evidence, popular media or soap box politics suggests otherwise.

For when you get right down to it all, two towers came down in Manhattan one September day and the ideologies and civilizations which conceptualize and harness such a bold act is why we are at war.

To the military man or any citizen with half a brain, it was act of bold and calculated daring, great surprise and it ensued a purposeful call to a chaos we call war. A war to counter any ally of that horrific attack so it does not happen again

At the time of writing 6,000 Americans and her allies have gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the enemies only win on our soil was 9-11. Thus, it so pains me to hear anyone speak of anything opposite of winning...

For I, do not give a rats sphincter, as to why they did it or care to reason with a culture of Islamic-fascists unwilling to diplomacy or live and let live; and who, would rather orchestrate such acts toward their ultimate undoing.

We are all witness' and participants in this clash of civilizations and some of us would rather switch than fight... let alone win.

While winning for freedom can someday dismantle decadence through enlightened choice; defeat by enemies within and outside our borders only weakens a mind to want less and less freedom.

This is why the U.S. military man now, and in the future must gain from the tools and skills learned on the home front... that has lead him to be the effective military tool he is.

To Win see your enemy.
Know how he sleeps and feels.
To win and be Free, understand the guy next to you is only your friend because like you, he shares in that respect of knowing your collective enemy too.

Lewis and Enquist knew their enemy: naysayers and the demons who meet all men with a focused commitment and purpose during war.

Patrick Henry.
70,000 Marines on Iwo...
The Flying Tigers in China...
Roosevelt's Rough Riders...
General Grant...

... and any U.S. Military man in combat... no matter how good the odds are for him saying he will win... and survive.

"...The friend of my enemy is my enemy."

And until that last adage changes, you can bet your bottom dollar from the likes of those mentioned and anyone else you know, that winning is all in having the balls and fortitude to prevail and carry on while the doom of defeat and failure surround you... and they always will... and while carrying on unleashing the gifts and talents you have to make the other guy wish He had not shown up for the fight.

Thanks for winning when anything else crossing your mind, never realized daylight... Thank you indeed I hope you all live a long and happy life for all your efforts to keep us free.

So Troopers! 'Nuft said!

Bravo Zulu...Dave

Hellcat Mark 1 2nd Generation

Center Split Six Internal M4 Magazine Pouches Creates More Pouch Attachment Space The Mark 2 Converts the Hellcat into a Calahan and is the choice from the A to Z of Army and Marines specop units.

S.O. Tech developed the internal magazine slots of the Hellcat Chest Rigs to provide more carrying capacity on a compact chest mounted platform. By moving the magazines to internal slots (patent pending), we freed up the front PALS webbing either for the attachment of more magazine / gear pouches or to provide a low profile chest rig with all the magazines laying flat against the body. Our inspirations came from a project with a Ranger Regiment medic who asked us to place magazine slots behind his medical pouch to give him more real estate. We transferred this idea onto a chest harness and found the most effective way to carry rifle magazines into combat.

1000 Denier DuPont Cordura Plus fabric, double layered.
138 weight bonded nylon parachute harness thread.
Strength rated nylon webbing and tapes
American name brand plastic and metal fasteners (Duraflex, ITW Nexus, ACW, etc.).
Velcro™ and Rip and Grip™ mil spec hook and loop fastener.
Closed cell foam.
Heavy weight woven elastic.
Edges bound by double stitched nylon Type 3 seam tape
Stress points anchored by double stitching, bar tacks, and box x's.

Hellcat Mark 1 2nd Generation

From the World War II Alamo Scouts in the South West Pacific to Afghanistan, Philippines, Iraq and Syria of today... Celebrate the most special of all Forces: US Army Special Forces with our brazen Skull Art SF statement.


Get Your "No Surrender" T-shirt Today!


Regular Price $115.00
ON SALE NOW $105.00

Six Internal M4 Magazine Pouches Creates More Pouch Attachment Space

The need for high mobility brought a need for compact chest harnesses as troops found themselves spending hours in HUMVEES. And as medics and grenadiers needed to affix more gear to their vests, we saw an answer in layering.

1000 Denier DuPont Cordura Plus fabric, double layered.
138 weight bonded nylon parachute harness thread.
Strength rated nylon webbing and tapes
American name brand plastic and metal fasteners (Duraflex, ITW Nexus, ACW, etc.).
Velcro™ and Rip and Grip™ mil spec hook and loop fastener.
Closed cell foam.
Heavy weight woven elastic.
Edges bound by double stitched nylon Type 3 seam tape
Stress points anchored by double stitching, bar tacks, and box X's.

Military Water Purification Tablets


Currently used by the U.S. Military

30 Tablets per box

Eliminates Giardia, Bacteria, Viruses and Removes Sediment

Stock Up on Water Purification Tablets

U.S. Commandos Embrace Hand-Launched Drones

Small, hand-launched unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are tailor-made for U.S. special operations forces (SOF), which typically operate clandestinely in small groups on the ground.

"The SOF community wants as many as we can get," said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Steve Mavica, a spokesman for U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCom) at MacDill Air Force Base, Fla.

"After successfully employing some earlier-model UAVs in the opening weeks of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, we recognized early on that we needed to get our arms around this new and important capability," he said.

Ready Reconnaissance: U.S. commandos embrace hand-launched drones

Piracy 'on the rise' off Somalia

Serious pirate attacks off the Somali coast have jumped dramatically after a two-year lull, says a report.

The problem was highlighted over the weekend, when a luxury cruise liner was attacked and pursued by pirates.

The greatest number of attacks overall were off Indonesia, with 61 of a total of 205 attacks reported worldwide.

Gloabally, though, attacks fell 18% in the first nine months of 2005 on the same period of 2004, said the report from the International Maritime Bureau.

Piracy 'on the rise' off Somalia

Katrina Tests Merger of New CBP Aviation Units

In the weeks since Hurricane Katrina savaged the Gulf Coast, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter has taken off almost every night to help keep watch for looters along the area's still dark streets and waterways.

The helos are flown by pilots of what used to be known as the U.S. Customs Service. They're usually accompanied by Border Patrol agents carrying M-4 automatic weapons for backup firepower. Smaller AS350 Border Patrol helicopters often fly along with the Black Hawks.

Katrina Tests Merger of New CBP Aviation Units

Marines Get OK for Special Forces

For the first time since the establishment of U.S. Special Operations Command, the Marine Corps has been given the go-ahead to establish a unit to deploy alongside Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces and Air Force Special Tactics units for commando missions.

The final push for the Marine Corps to join the snake-eater community was delivered at an Oct. 28 meeting between SOCom chief Army Gen. Bryan Brown, Marine Commandant Gen. Mike Hagee and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Marines Get OK for Special Forces
Special Forces Gear (800) 260-4127