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"I have known Dave ever since he was my Assistant Team Commander in 12th Group. His products are like the man; dependable and top notch. I have no problem recommending his products to other comrades-in-arms."

Elton Johnson, Major
19th Group Special Forces

"Man's mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions."

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Success is all about sustaining the focus of your attention on your goal. Winners focus, losers spray."

- Anonymous

"Don't say it's impossible! Turn your command over to the next officer. If he can't do it, I'll find someone who can, even if I have to take him from the ranks!"

- General Thomas

Dedicated to everyone who has supported or participated in the war on terror and that elusive foe in the crosshairs who we will pursue until death. Wear it proud!

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When on patrol treat every house, window, door, bush, and foxhole as if an enemy soldier is behind them!

If you find yourself outnumbered, do not stay in one place AFTER you have fired at the enemy. The enemy will send men to try and outflank you. Keep 'em chasing draw them in Then "shoot and-scoot."

Team work is essential. Always relay relevant information to your buddies about enemy positions, and you won't end up like the poor Marine late last year in Fallujah, who got screwed by the media Cameraman

The Need: With no room on your duty belt, where do you carry your X-26 Taser where the electronics wont be damaged or seen, while remaining tactically accessible?

The X-26 Taser Holster

We Serve to Help You Serve

Dear Valued Special Forces Customer,

Welcome to the first issue of the Monthly Intelligence Report, the official newsletter of

Our objective has always been clear: to equip the field warrior with the finest tactical equipment and field gear available on the market today. We serve to help you serve to help you achieve your mission objectives efficiently and with confidence. Of course, as any warrior knows, this takes information thats timely, accurate and trustworthy.

The Monthly Intelligence Report hopes you will allow it to be that trusted advisor, providing you with not only your gear and equipment needs, but the intelligence you need to keep pace with the fast changing events that affect the world of the operator/operative warrior. The global battlefronts of land, sea and air are becoming more complex each day, increasing the personal and professional challenges you face. Todays warrior needs to be armed with the trends, tools, proficiencies and knowledge that will help support his efforts wherever he serves.

We hope operators from the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Law Enforcement and Private Contractors will benefit from the insight we aim to provide, helping each of you in your individual and collective struggles to defeat the enemies of freedom.

Wed like to thank all our loyal customers, and those that continue to join us each day. Our customer base is growing beyond our wildest imagination, giving us cause for encouragement that, in our own small way, we are helping you on your journey.

As always - good luck,

Dave Thomas

Special Forces Gear

S.O. Tech Presents: The Mission Pack

Back View 18

Front View

The Official Issue of the U.S. Army Special Forces
(complete with NSN)

You told us what you wanted... and now were delivering.

Based on feedback direct from troops in the field, SOTech is proud to announce the debut of our radically redesigned Mission Pack, with its drop-in mission specific system for medics, snipers and explosive breachers. Its unlike any pack on the market and is completely redesigned to eliminate the need for separate three-day and medic packs.

The pack has drop in Velcro secured modules to fit specific missions.

The zippered drop down pouch at the bottom accepts your survival gear (jacket, food, poncho liner) while the main compartment can easily be loaded with medic/sniper/breacher gear.

There is a custom developed contour to the pack, so the load fills from the main compartment into the side panels at the waist belt. This allows the load to wrap around you instead of balancing on your back like most packs.

We are also proud to say that along with the US Army Special forces, High Speed brigades and divisions from the conventional army have opted to equip their troops with the SOTech Mission Pack as well.

Just one more opportunity to serve our fighting men and women.

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Bold Truth.

Special Forces Gear continuously endeavors to create a unique line of military and law enforcement T-shirts catering to the special skills of todays operations forces.

Many of our custom-made designs are rendered in the tradition of the United States Special Operational Forces. Dating back to our war of independence, we refer to these creations as Skull Art or Death Heads. No political correctness, only the highest standards of professionalism.

Special Forces Gear has filled countless requests for individual orders and designs customized for specific unit and specialty needs. As always, we welcome your ideas for T-shirts customized to represent you and your units.

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This is the most useful item you could ever own. Soldiers use their poncho liners as a blanket roll instead of, or in addition to, their sleeping bags. thus providing extra warmth and enabling them to survive in conditions that others could not.

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The Hog Roll

During Dave's military experiences, he often found himself separated from his rucksack, where he kept such "creature comforts" as a poncho liner and food. He wore a Load Bearing Equipment Harness to carry life support gear, ammo, water and first aid supplies.

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North Korea Offers Rare Praise for President Bush

North Korea has aired a rare positive comment about President Bush, praising his decision to use the title "mister" in referring to Pyongyang's leader Kim Jong-il.


Israeli Soldiers Admit Killing Innocent Cops

GAZA CITY, 4 June 2005 - Its official �-srael murdered 15 innocent Palestinian policemen in retaliation for the deaths of six soldiers in an attack by Fatah gunmen three years ago.


Weapons Equipment Missing in Iraq

Equipment and material that could be used to make biological or chemical weapons have been removed from 109 Iraqi sites, UN weapons inspectors say.


Sergeant is killed in combat in Iraq

Soldier died in small arms fire.

Fort Bragg, NC -- The Pentagon says an Army Special Operations soldier based at Fort Bragg was shot and killed during combat in Iraq.

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