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Sgt. Chris Griffin Writes:

I received my order today. The SERE belt is awesome... holds all my gear up really nice. Thanks for your help.

Sgt. Chris Griffin


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The Black Frog Fixed-Blade Combat Knife
The Black Frog Fixed-Blade Combat Knife

The Black Frog Fixed-Blade Combat Knife

Product #RWBFCK

Manufacturer:Rogue Warrior
Shipping Weight1.20 lb

There are plenty of combat knives out there, but every now and then, something comes along which makes all the rest seem cheap and false. This is one of those times. As part of a new line-up of next-generation combat knife platforms being introduced by Rogue Warrior, the Black Frog is a marvel of complex, carefully planned and executed features in a form which is simple and direct. The first thing one might notice is the unusual combination of striped green and black handle and matching blade. And although it looks almost like something taken from nature itself, in fact the blade is ground out of 8A super steel and finished with mixed Green and Black-T coatings which gives the knife its' lubricity as well as providing a non-reflective, jungle striped surface, to avoid detection when you're deep in the bush. And while the hand-shaped wood handle seems natural enough, it is actually built of two layers - Indian Rosewood topped with Emerald Dymondwood. Dymondwood is a marvel of construction by itself, as it is formed with layers of wood fiber and special resin placed under tremendous heat and pressure, creating on of the toughest and most durable handle materials on the planet. A process used by the Rogue Warrior creates the unusual pattern which sets the handle apart from all others. The finished item has a sheath constructed from digital jungle kydex - a new material just becoming available in the world of custom knives. Of course, the blade is the most impressive thing about this knife. A monolithic slab of 8A steel is ground into a double-edged spear-point, perfect for penetration, and obviously ideal for cutting in any direction, or cracking skulls with the heavy butt-end. This gives the operator a myriad of choices, when their primary weapon fails and the Black Frog is suddenly in-hand. The wide blade is also an obvious choice as a field-utility knife, combining the perfection of a specialized item with the generalized effectiveness of a survival tool. The custom hand-work on every aspect of this combat knife platform is second to none. Only the best materials are hand-selected for the Black Frog. As always, this blade is effective and simple - all Rogue Warrior

Overall Length: 10.25in

Wide: 2in

Thick: .178in

* This is a Custom knife and is MADE BY ORDER! Please allow 3-8 weeks for shipment.