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Josh Writes:

I am writing this concerning a person who works for your company. Laura Vazquez has been handling my order now for roughly 4 weeks. I have had alot of questions because I was ordering for a large group of people. She had no guarantee that I would even follow through and do the order but she communicated with me in over 20 emails and responded fast everytime. This is a hard trait to find in people and companies today. Things have become so commercial that you rarely feel like you are actually dealing with a person as much as a robot. The image she reflects for your company should be highly admired and respected. I did 6 years active duty and now am a reservist. These shirts were for my full time job with the Fire Department. I will definately spread the word for the fire department and my military unit (PSU 308) already has made 2 shirts through your company. Keep up the hard work and please pass my sincerest thanks to Laura.

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Navy Seal Skull on Mens Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Navy Seal Skull on Mens Short Sleeve T-Shirt Navy Seal Skull on Mens Short Sleeve T-Shirt Navy Seal Skull on Mens Short Sleeve T-Shirt Navy Seal Skull on Mens Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Navy Seal Skull on Mens Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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Navy Seal Skull on Mens Short Sleeve T-Shirt


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A US Navy SEAL Encounters the toughest training in the US Military. From Buds 'til the last hour of SQT and forever after his is authorized to wear the Trident you the SEAL know that training never stops. With modern \"Letters of Marque\"( read that: orders issued), Navy SEALs are the modern version of US Naval privateers of the past. They do ship boarding ( Visit Board Search and Seizure-VBSS ops) Blow shit up( Experts in demo on land sea and in the air) are SCUBA and CCB A qualed as well as Airborne( military freefall and static line)and CQB and Small arms experts. To do all this a level of fitness bar none must be achieved as well as a mastery of other varieties of specialties. These skills coupled with a natural \"fire in the gut\" like know other make you able to interact in every thing from raids, to direct -action missions to unconventional warfare to counter terrorism and even clandestine reconnaissance any where the US Navy or USSOC decides you to be. Ironically as CIA combat operators are know for wandering around the post 9-11 middle east wearing civies and \"FDNY ball caps\" as their calling card; the Navy seal in full combat load out in the desert , streets and estuaries of Iraq were known for wearing \"Calico Jack Rackham skull and cutlass flag patch\" on their shoulders.

For you the operator we have taken such lead with a beltfed 240 SAW crossed with a M-4,203showing your fire power. The Buckmaster Survival knife denotes your are an expert in CQB(Close Quarters Battle)and a SERE school graduate and cut-throats through and through! The bite-block, rubber breathing hoses and face mask says you come from water; on it ; in it or from under it is often from whence you came.

The dually centered Trident proudly denotes the honor sacrifice duty and blood the SEAL and his brothers fight to Americas waterborne battles with and the last thing a bad guy will ever see! The toothy grinned which this bastard Death's Head is sporting is the second last thing bad guy will see -- up close!

Bring it on SEAL ! -- To our nations enemies who will really wish they were in another line of endeavor, after your wrath is unleashed amongst them!

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