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Wayne M Writes:

I just wanted to thank you for the banner I received today. It was very unexpected and very much appriciated.

Wayne M.


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Special Forces Gear:
Military, Special Operations, and Law Enforcement Equipment

Special Forces Gear offers a great selection of Military, Special Operations and Law Enforcement gear along with a unique T Shirt, gifts and athletic wear line catering to large and small units designed to help boost morale.

As a law enforcement officer, special equipment is needed to go throughout your normal routine. Normal clothing and gear will not suffice. Luckily, there is plenty of law enforcement equipment here that suits a whole assortment of purposes.


Water Obstacles Are No Longer a Problem!

Water has always been an obstacle in the course of duty. When in the law or military services, one has to carry so much gear. It can become waterlogged, which makes it extremely difficult to swim as fast as the person you may be chasing after. From here, you can find specialized equipment that will help you float, taking off some of the weight.


The HYDRA is a unique new tool for Operators adding new tactical capabilities to operate in a water environment. This compact tactical floatation device was designed to provide multiple floatation options during tactical water operations and training.

We've Got You Covered with All Kinds of Gear & Accessories

Seeing at night is difficult. However, enemies and criminals don't stop just because it is hard to see. In order to effectively keep them within your sights, you're going to need specialized night vision gear. This will conquer this obstacle and give you an advantage over others.

The weather can really mess up someone if they need to get somewhere fast, or even if you just have to stay out in it. If it's too cold, you may freeze up and become stiff. When it rains you can become wet and soggy, which will slow you down. The sun may be blazing down on you, and to avoid heat exhaustion you will need some additional help. Here at Special Forces you can find equipment designed to help against all forms of extreme weather conditions. Protect yourself so that you can protect others.

Even though you may have a gun, a knife could be extremely useful in plenty of situations. What happens if your gun jams and somebody is coming at you with a club or some other blunt object? You're not going to win with your fists, and a knife will always be an option because it can't get jammed. This one piece of gear could potentially save your life and the lives of others. Don't forget it!

We have all had to deal with the sun when it has been extremely bright. You either have to squint or look down, and this can sometimes get in the way of your goal. Not only would eye protection help with this specific case, but it can help in dusty weather as well. Keep your eyes safe so that they can stay on the target. This could be one of the most important pieces of law enforcement equipment out there. 


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