When soldiers go into the field, they face many different types of danger and it is important for them to be as safe as possible at all times. That usually means that they need to wear body armor to ensure that they have protection from the possible attacks they could face. Not every type of body armor is right for use on the battle field though. Soldiers need the right level of protection for the level of danger they are approaching.

During their daily patrols, many soldiers were overt body armor that has a Level III or IIIA. This type of body armor offers protection from both small ammunition fire and larger rifle rounds. The body armor is often worn over their uniforms and is lightweight to ensure that they are able to move quickly when needed. If the soldiers wore the bulkier body armor on a daily basis, there is a good chance that they would not be able to stay safe because they would not be able to maneuver as quickly.

desert-camo-vestHigh Velocity Fire

Many soldiers face danger from large artillery from time to time. That means that body armor that offers Level IV protection is often needed. This type of body armor is heavy and usually only worn when the soldiers are going into extremely hostile environments. The armor offers protection to ensure that they are able to survive an attack, but it cannot take multiple hits. That means that once someone is shot one time while wearing the body armor, it will need to be replaced. The integrity and strength of the body armor will be compromised after the solider is hit. It will not be able to provide the same protection and thus replacement is mandatory.

Used Body Armor

Body armor is usually passed down from soldier to soldier because the military doesn’t have the funds to be able to replace every vest. It is important to make sure that the body armor is regularly inspected to ensure that it has not been compromised. If someone is working as a soldier, there is a good chance that they may want to invest in their own body armor from a reputable ballistic body armor manufacturer. Most soldiers are able to invest in their own body armor as long as it meets the specific standards the military requires. It is important to get permission to wear privately owned body armor before going into the battlefield though.

Body Armor Care

It is also important for a solider to take proper care of their body armor. The armor needs to be kept as dry as possible at all times. The carrier can be washed in the washing machine but the plates or panels need to be removed before the carrier is washed. Also, the plates and panels need to be kept out of direct sunlight. The carrier can be placed in the sun to dry as drying it in the dryer can cause it to shrink. Learning how to take proper care of the body armor is important if a soldier wants to get as much protection from it as possible.

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