tactical clothingIf you’ve been paying attention to reality recently, you don’t need anyone to tell you that America is in big trouble. The economic quagmire we find ourselves in is only getting worse, despite the cooked numbers presented by the mainstream media. The federal debt has ballooned to astronomical proportions, and there is no way out but a protracted collapse.



Many indicators point to the fact that we are already in the early stages of total economic failure.

If you want to know what the upcoming chapters of the economic horror show will look like, you need only look to your neighbors across the pond. When the debt bubble pops, as all bubbles eventually do, austerity measures are brought down on the general population. In European countries like Greece, Spain, Ireland, Italy and Portugal, the public had become so accustomed to extravagant government spending that even the relatively mild budget cuts undertaken to stave off total collapse have resulted in widespread violence and social unrest.

Unfortunately, the rioting and unrest we will see here at home are likely to be much worse. This is because the dollar will be the last currency to die, and when it does, no amount of government imposed austerity will save you from runaway hyperinflation.

Eventually, a new currency will emerge, and the American economy will stabilize. But in the meantime chaos will reign; there will be violence in the streets and empty shelves in the grocery stores. And no one can tell you how long that ‘meantime’ will last.

It is crucial to get prepared, and tactical gear is a key part of any preparation plan. When it comes to protecting your family and property, you don’t want to take any chances. Below we’ll look at some important tactical and Special Forces gear items that every one should keep on hand, as well as what to look for in each item.

1. Battle Rifle

The battle rifle is the centerpiece of any tactical gear setup. A battle rifle should be reliable, easy to load, relatively lightweight, and come in a caliber large enough to take down an armored attacker. Also, consider adding a high quality scope, this can increase your effective range by hundreds of yards. The battle rifle can also be used for game hunting if you don’t have a dedicated hunting rifle.

2. Shotgun

The shotgun is the best tactical weapon for home defense. A good 10 or 12 gauge, preferably sawed off (legally, of course), that holds at least 5 shells at a time, can keep your home and family safe. Shotguns scatter shot over a wide pattern increasing the target size and making you a more effective shot. In addition to home defense, they are perfect for hunting birds and small critters.

3. Sidearm

Handguns are the last resort of personal defense firearms. You reach for your sidearm when your battle rifle or shotgun has failed or run out of ammo. Stick with a .40 caliber minimum, and look for a high capacity magazine. Be sure to get a high quality holster for your handgun as well.

4. Survival Knife

In addition to being a formidable close-quarters weapon, a good survival knife can easily save your life if you find yourself in a wilderness or urban survival situation. You can spend a lot of money on a knife, but there are several very high quality knives available in the middle price range. Look for a fixed blade with a full tang, and preferably a sheath that can strap to your calf or attach to your belt. Don’t forget a sharpening stick; a dull knife is not good for much.

5. Body Armor

Bullet proof vests are not cheap, and the average tactical enthusiast might consider them overkill. But if a well armed hoard is beating down your door to take your guns or food, body armor can mean the difference between life and death. Get a vest or jacket with Kevlar reinforcement, and look for one with a groin protection flap as well.

6. Binoculars

Being able to spot threats or assets from far away is crucial in times of social unrest. The importance of a good pair of binoculars cannot be overstated. Look for a pair with at least 10x magnification and fog free lens technology.

7. Ammo/accessories

This may be obvious, but always try to keep at least 500 rounds of ammo on hand for each gun in your collection. Also keep a high quality gun cleaning kit close by and clean your firearms regularly.

There’s a lot more you could add to the list, but having each of these tactical gear covered will make you better prepared than 99% of the general public.

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