The zombie apocalypse might not be the most likely catastrophe to hit the streets in the foreseeable future, but it’s a known fact that many people are subjected to similar situations where they must fight for their survival. Scenes like crash landing in a vast jungle without any sign of civilization for miles, or getting trapped in a city devastated by earthquakes, hurricanes, or war aren’t just in the imagination of movie producers; they do happen in real life.

If you are about to head into a situation where something can go wrong and ultimately leave you without your basic creature comforts for an extended period, the first thing you should prepare is handy survival gear. Begin your list with trusty items from stores like Special Forces Gear, such as tough clothing, tents, fire-generating tools, and survival cooking equipment. Of course, you then need to think about which food to bring that won’t spoil easily and last a few days. recommends that you get a good supply of rice, since it can remain in edible condition for as long as ten years, given that you don’t get it wet in storage. This should be your main source of carbohydrates throughout the survival period. Remember to buy a reliable stove to cook it in.

For your protein sources, you can opt for beans and canned meats; just look out for that expiration date on the product. Gear yourself up with a good hunting knife or some survival can openers to pop open these protein-rich food items anytime you have to eat.

If you store it in a cool, dry, and dark place, lard should keep for about two to three years or even longer. While this might not be the most appetizing prospect, remember that in a survival situation, your body will need fat to burn for it to function properly, especially if you end up moving around quite often. You should also pack a lot of salt; this is the most invaluable flavoring and preservative source that you can bring with you.

Packing survival food shouldn’t be a matter of flavor or personal tastes, but rather, one of maximizing your nutrition needs, so that you can survive all throughout the ordeal until you can be rescued or until the calamity has passed. Make smart choices by only getting food that will last longer than how long you foresee yourself being in survival mode.

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