High tech night vision goggles proved their value in law enforcement operations for two NYPD officers last May. As reported at ABClocal.go.com, the cops on routine nighttime helicopter exercises stumbled upon horseshoe crab poachers on a beach in Queens, New York. They held their chopper in a 200 foot high hover, and with the use of their special tactical eyewear, spotted the perpetrators who were loading their two boats with their haul.

This level of effectiveness of such high-tech gadgets make them important acquisitions for law enforcement agencies, even if such equipment can be found in any popular military surplus store. Many of these stores, such as Special Forces Gear, offer high quality combat military equipment products and tactical gear, with product specialists online to assist you with your specific needs. Many of their products, including special night vision goggles, are constantly being tested and inspected by these specialists.

Night vision devices were first introduced in the Second World War, and saw widespread use during the Vietnam War era. The technology was initially used in sniper weapons; but these earlier models either required a cumbersome infrared source to illuminate the subject, or only enhanced ambient light images on bright moonlit nights. Today’s night vision goggles are considerably more compact and lightweight, with some models worn as head gear for easy access by police officers doing night surveillance or military snipers on night ops.

Typically there are two methods by which these goggles enhance vision at night. One approach uses image enhancement in which a special lens concentrates and amplifies particles too low in the color spectrum for the human eye to pick up. Thermal imaging, on the other hand, picks up the specific heat signature of objects in the field of vision, processes the scene into a viewable video image.

In the news article, one of the police officers surmised that while they saw everything through their night vision goggles, the crab poachers were oblivious of the surveillance even as they could hear the helicopter hovering nearby. Whether you are in law enforcement or are an individual interested in military and tactical equipment, you can order such devices from many of the high-end military gear stores or from the full inventory of affordable gadgets from the military surplus stores.

The best you can get from the range of options that exists for night vision goggles is the one where you can pick up on your target even from a distance, regardless of the lighting conditions around you. Tube gain, which is a gauge of light amplification, as well as resolution level and battery life, are also important considerations in your choice.

Many online military surplus stores like Special Forces Gear, offer a wide variety of military gear products from night vision goggles to combat boots, and even military-grade survival gear. Trust in the power of technology to outfit you with what you need in your survival course, or in your work in military or law enforcement service.

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