tasers, stun guns, pros of tasers, cons of tasers, Tasers are often in the news for their sensational status. Everyone disagrees whether they are safe or not, whether policemen should carry them or not, and in what situations should they be used or not. Here are some pros and cons about this interesting weapon.

Taser guns can stun a subject from about 10.6 meters away, with a jolt of electricity. Law enforcement officers praise them for being able to do so from such a distance, and succeeding in rendering the fleeing subject temporarily immobile.

Taser guns, though not considered as firearms in many places, Taser International makes it a point to not export them anywhere without the importer having a registered license to do so. Even then, they try to restrict sales outside the law enforcement arena.

Though taser guns are meant for controlling potential threats without killing them, they have indeed resulted in many deaths and many controversies because of them. In reply to so many deaths, Taser International accepts no blame saying that about 100,000 officers subjected themselves to taser shocks, voluntarily, without coming to any harm. They claim that the deaths are due to irresponsible usage of the taser guns and not due to the guns itself.

Though capable of passing a 50,000 volts current through the victim’s body, most tasers generally pass only about 1500 volts. Though this is not harmful for a normal, healthy human, a person with an artificial pacemaker may suffer serious consequences and sometimes even death. In fact, an American study states that sometimes even weaker jolts can lead to cardiac arrests, especially if the victim suffers from heart problems.

It is very easy to count the problems when they are in the number of deaths, but people hardly notice the amount of people who have recovered from taser shocks. Many more people have received lasting gifts from the taser gun, and these are far more in numbers than those that have died. Also, the use of taser guns eliminates the risk of people dying of stray bullets in a crossfire.

Amnesty International Canada agrees that most taser deaths may have happened due to their improper usage. Since the officers feel that tasers are harmless, they may be increasingly tempted to use them frequently. Unless usage discretion is properly determined, taser guns can indeed lead to deaths. Stun guns like tasers are preferred by officers simply for their ease of use, better user control and lesser danger to both the officer and the target. If they are used after a proper warning, that if the target does not calm down, a taser gun shall be used against him, they could stand a better chance of achieving a safe end result.

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