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Since The Second World War, the United States government and branches of the military have been invested in educating veterans. In 1944 the first version of the G.I. bill emerged, which provided free or reduced tuition to colleges for returning soldiers. Today all four branches of military offer scholarships for graduating high school seniors to [...]

Tips to Create Your Own Special Forces Workout

Posted by digital on May 10th, 2012

As we are becoming increasingly health conscious, people are looking to new and interesting workout ideas to help get in shape. One of the biggest trends that is sweeping the health and fitness industry right now is the concept of taking special forces workout routines and workout routines from other branches of the military and [...]

Airsoft Weapons and Accessories: Five Tips For Winning Your Next Match

Posted by Michael Ruiz on September 3rd, 2011

Have you been struggling to win even with the airsoft weapons & accessories that you already own? The problem might be in those items, and it might be in the tactics that you are using. Airsoft is a very competitive game, and winning is difficult. It is important that you do not become too focused [...]