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Gift Ideas for Servicemen: From Military T Shirts to Beer Mugs

Posted by Special Forces on May 9th, 2013

Many families, whose relatives are proudly serving the country through the different branches of the US military, continue to live apart. When those called to fight finally come home, their loved ones celebrate their return with homecoming parties and R&R with friends. If you have a loved one working for the US forces, and you [...]

Airsoft weapons and accessories have become very popular in the recent years. Airsoft weapons are new generation BB weapons designed mainly as a recreational toy. What is great about these toys is that they look like real military equipment. However, this has also gained the government’s interest. The Federal Gun Control Act The federal government [...]

Special Forces gear and other kinds of military equipment are just cool. However, the truth is you don’t have to experience combat to find a use for most kinds of military equipment. Many of these items can come in handy for civilians in their daily lives. Below is a list of ten kinds of Special [...]

Five Things You Should Have in Your Survival Gear

Posted by digital on November 11th, 2012

There are many things that can go wrong at any time. A flood could cut off your home from the surrounding area. You could become lost in the woods during a camping trip. The United States may even been invaded by enemy forces someday. Whatever the case, during such strenuous periods, people need to work [...]

Six Essential Pieces of Survival Gear for an EMP

Posted by digital on September 11th, 2012

Survival gear has been in demand ever since the Cold War opened Americans’ eyes to their own vulnerability. The 1950s and ’60s saw national fear and hysteria over the possibility of a calculated nuclear strike on the United States. Life after the apocalypse, scientists and pundits predicted, would be cold, barren, and not worth living. [...]

Finding military gear and gifts for the a survivalist or military person can be difficult. With droves of US Military troops and Special Forces coming home each year it is becoming more necessary to find products like military t-shirts and gifts that former service members can appreciate. Even if someone doesn’t have a military person [...]

If you’ve been paying attention to reality recently, you don’t need anyone to tell you that America is in big trouble. The economic quagmire we find ourselves in is only getting worse, despite the cooked numbers presented by the mainstream media. The federal debt has ballooned to astronomical proportions, and there is no way out [...]

Great Ideas for Homemade Military Gifts

Posted by digital on April 12th, 2012

Countless people are or have been involved with the US military. This includes members of the army, navy, air force, marines, national guard and so forth. This also includes military veterans as well as those currently deployed overseas.    

Finding Military Gifts for Your Partner or Child

Posted by digital on February 13th, 2012

When you are looking for gifts, finding military gifts is probably one of the easiest and cheapest options available. There are a lot of gifts available that will be perfect for any soldier, sailor or airman. Footwear Military personnel rely on their feet being in good condition and that means having good footwear. There are [...]

Gift Ideas for Family Members of Our Troops

Posted by Michael Ruiz on October 15th, 2011

When giving gifts, it can become more and more difficult to get creative. If you have a friend or family member who is in the armed forces, or maybe a friend who has a loved one in the military, there are many great military gear and gifts to choose from. If your loved one is [...]