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What to Know About the US Marine Corps Military Clothing

Posted by Special Forces on July 23rd, 2013

In an article published on June 7 in, a ConVal Regional High School senior and a future Marine, Brandon Garabrant, was prohibited from wearing his Marine uniform in his Peterborough, New Hampshire high school graduation in lieu of a graduation gown. Garabrant’s request and the principal’s decision had drawn different reactions from students and [...]

High tech night vision goggles proved their value in law enforcement operations for two NYPD officers last May. As reported at, the cops on routine nighttime helicopter exercises stumbled upon horseshoe crab poachers on a beach in Queens, New York. They held their chopper in a 200 foot high hover, and with the use [...]

We’re Slashing Set Up Costs for Our Personalized Off-Duty Clothing

Posted by Special Forces on July 23rd, 2013

Special Forces is renowned for being a trusted supplier of tactical gear, weapons accessories, combat boots, and military uniforms. But our company is more than that. We also understand how important it is to have the proper gear and attire. This is why we are offering our extensive line of off-duty clothing and apparel—and have [...]

Upgrade Your Combat and Survival Gear with Our New Knives

Posted by Special Forces on July 23rd, 2013

As a one-stop-shop for military, law enforcement, survival, and tactical equipment and accessories, Special Forces strives to deliver high-quality products that help you face the toughest and most unpredictable situations. In line with that, we have expanded our knife selection to better suit your preferences and needs. From hunting knives to multi-tool options, we have [...]