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While being a police officer is never an easy job, it could be a lot more difficult if officers are poorly-trained and ill-equipped. Fortunately, the recent decline in the number of American cops dying in the line of duty has been attributed to better law enforcement equipment. These findings have further highlighted the importance of [...]

How Civilians Can Use Military Grade Combat Boots

Posted by Special Forces on May 23rd, 2013

History notes how many great technological innovations were impelled by the needs of military organizations. Penicillin, parachutes, advances in aviation, and even the Internet were the result of developments for military applications. Innovations also extend to combat gear, with durable combat boots being a result of years of research aimed at giving their users an [...]

Your Feet in Battle: How To Make Combat Boots More Comfortable

Posted by Special Forces on May 9th, 2013

Combat boots have evolved from the leather wear and hobnail boots used by the Assyrian and Roman armies to the tactical combat boots we know today. Modern combat boots are tougher and more resilient than ever, able to cope with the extreme rigors of walking through different types of terrain. Just like clothing, you need [...]

Gift Ideas for Servicemen: From Military T Shirts to Beer Mugs

Posted by Special Forces on May 9th, 2013

Many families, whose relatives are proudly serving the country through the different branches of the US military, continue to live apart. When those called to fight finally come home, their loved ones celebrate their return with homecoming parties and R&R with friends. If you have a loved one working for the US forces, and you [...]