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10 Tools for the Special Forces Guru

Posted by digital on February 21st, 2013

We all dream of being that one-man destroyer who needs nothing but his fists to make it across 100 leagues of mud and enemy insurgents, but the truth is, having the right equipment makes all the difference in special forces ops. Success in the field can easily come down to what you’re carrying and how [...]

Surviving the Wilderness with Tasty and Nourishing Survival Food

Posted by digital on February 11th, 2013

It’s a no-brainer that on every excursion into the wilderness—whether you’re camping, hiking, climbing or hunting—you should bring enough supplies to last over a day. In the most dire circumstances, when one is lost or has no means to forage for food, outdoorsmen will definitely need food to sustain themselves until they can move out [...]

Get into Fighting Form with Awe-inspiring Military T Shirts

Posted by digital on February 11th, 2013

The United States has one of the most advanced armed forces in the world. Thanks to strong leadership and budgetary allocation, highly trained personnel, and cutting-edge weaponry, America’s military supremacy has persisted for over a century. Despite occasional controversies it has to weather, the U.S. Armed Forces continues to stand as a beacon of national [...]

6 Myths about Military Jobs

Posted by digital on February 9th, 2013

People often do not fully understand military jobs. They have some ideas of what the jobs will be like that may be linked to movies, books, or other aspects of pop culture, but they do not truly grasp what it means to have one of these jobs. Because of this, they may get into a [...]