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Across the nation citizens are storing up field equipment and survival gear over concerns of everything from civil unrest to the fragile economy. It is no secret that people are afraid. Families everywhere are accumulating and storing things, expecting to have to get by without the support infrastructure we have always been used to. There [...]

There are at least 10 tips to remember when you design your own custom military gifts. Giving gifts to military personnel is slightly different than giving them to civilians. However, keeping the following tips in mind can help the donor save money, time, and effort, as well as ensure the gift will be well-received. 10 [...]

Acing the Military PFT Exams

Posted by digital on August 12th, 2012

Every branch of the military has different requirements when it comes to physical fitness based on the branch and the age of the applicant. The gender of the applicant will also play a role. If you are planning on joining a specific branch of the military, such as the marine corps or the army, then [...]

Soldiers know how to pack and deploy survival gear in the field. To non-military persons, “kit” is just gear used for a specific purpose. A carpenter’s kit would include a hammer and a saw. A soldier’s kit would include weapons, ammo and items needed to survive in the field. Those deployed leave behind family members [...]

Your Guardian Angel Above May Soon Be a Drone

Posted by digital on August 3rd, 2012

Military, unmanned drones have proven themselves to be quite effective tools for strategic operations, particularly those categorized under special operations or strategic strikes against enemy leadership in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan ( However, like many small, compact tools, military drones are now finding their way into domestic life back at home as the companies that [...]

Since The Second World War, the United States government and branches of the military have been invested in educating veterans. In 1944 the first version of the G.I. bill emerged, which provided free or reduced tuition to colleges for returning soldiers. Today all four branches of military offer scholarships for graduating high school seniors to [...]