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When it comes to military gear for the armed forces, the technology and products needed to ensure the safety of special operations troops have often taken a back seat to large military expenditures such as aircraft carriers, tanks, satellites, and ammunition. But that may soon change. A few years ago, the British Ministry of Defense [...]

3 Warning Signs of a Coming War with Iran

Posted by digital on June 19th, 2012

The drums of war have been beating for some time now, and tensions with Iran are nearing a boiling point. But with the might of the Russian and Chinese military poised to back Iran in the event of a US or Israeli attack, war with Iran could very likely escalate into full on world war. [...]

Special Forces soldiers are the subjects of many movies and forms of entertainment. They are viewed as an unstoppable force throughout the world, taking on bad guys and getting themselves out of impossible situations. The term conjures up images of Rambo and other fighting heroes.      

When Bronze Age armies first laid down their clubs and hammers to don metal armor and swords, it 1was a quantum leap in military technology. Progress in the field of war-making has only accelerated since then, and the Special Forces gear in use on the modern battlefield is truly astounding.    

Special Forces Gear — Rolling With The Elite

Posted by digital on June 7th, 2012

Special Forces gear enables military and law enforcement special forces teams to conduct commando, long-range reconnaissance, training and other special operations missions successfully and with minimal casualties. The gear used by military special operations organizations like the US Army’s Green Beret Special Forces and Army Rangers, and the US Navy Seals, is generally more sophisticated [...]

The Navy SEAL: Small in Number, Mighty in Force

Posted by digital on June 3rd, 2012

The Navy SEAL is the most respected and feared special operations force in the world. The SEAL name is derived from their capacity to operate in the sea, in the air and on land. Operating in total secrecy from public view, few forces in the world have the training to resist a Navy SEAL surprise [...]