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Four Kinds of Military Gear Useful to Hunters

Posted by digital on January 28th, 2012

Military equipment and special forces gear are just plain cool. Many people may assume you have to actually be in the military to possess such equipment. That is not true. Such equipment can also be used for many purposes other than combat.  

One thing that many people assume could never happen is an invasion of the mainland United States. They are sadly ignoring the truth. With China’s humongous population explosion of the last several decades, their military certainly has enough soldiers to perform such an invasion.  

In turbulent times, the future doesn’t seem as clear as it once was. Some people may be concerned that a catastrophe that leads to the end of society may occur at some point. Those beliefs may not be totally unfounded. As such, certain individuals may be wishing to prepare for such an event.    

Military Clothing Useful to Civilians

Posted by digital on January 16th, 2012

Every day on the battlefield in Afghanistan, US soldiers risk their lives to defend their country. To aid in this mission, they are supplied with the very best military equipment. This equipment includes uniforms and clothing. What many people may not know is that they too can obtain military uniforms and clothing for their own [...]

National Defense Authorization Act – What You Need to Know

Posted by digital on January 14th, 2012

Controversial to a fault, this bill was near unanimously approved by the US Senate, but what is the National Defense Authorization Act really all about? On the face of it, it is designed as a law to combat, prevent and discourage domestic terrorism by granting US special forces the authority to detain, interrogate, assassinate or [...]

Law enforcement gear is what police officers use to take down dangerous criminals every day. However, what many regular citizens may not be aware of is that they too can own some of the same police equipment. Much of this equipment also has applications beyond law enforcement.