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Frequently Asked Questions About Paintball

Posted by Courtney Shipe on April 25th, 2011

Paintball is a fun sport that everyone should try at least once. However, due to professional players and enthusiasts raving about the specs of this gun or that and which “marker” is best to use, many beginners may be overwhelmed and deterred from joining the game.

Unsung Heroes – Body Armor

Posted by Courtney Shipe on April 18th, 2011

Body armor has saved the lives of thousands of law enforcement and military personnel since its invention in 1966. But where did this amazing armor come from? Who created it? Here is some of the history of body armor and what kinds are currently available on the market today.

The Benefits of S.O. Tech Gear

Posted by ronsubs on April 11th, 2011

Many law enforcement officers and military personnel have put their lives in the hands of S.O. Tech gear. Why? Because everything they make is of the best quality possible and manufactured to last longer. Here are some of the differences between S. O. gear and other brands.

Tasers Prevent School Shootings

Posted by Courtney Shipe on April 4th, 2011

Christine Durkin wrote that in order to prevent the horrible violence of school shootings, school faculty should be trained, certified, and armed with tasers. While tasers are used as self-defense weapons in some states and commonly carried by law enforcement, even school assigned police officers are not generally allowed to carry tasers.