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Military Themed Gifts – Top 7 Presents to Send Your Armed Forces Enthusiast

Posted by Stephanie Jacobs on November 28th, 2010

Military themed gifts are symbols of heroism and patriotism. Some military buffs are very partial to the special forces of the military, including the Green Berets, the Airborne Rangers and the Navy SEALS. Others like all military gear. For any of these people, the top 7 gift choices are all about remembering those military forces.

Ammo Cans – 5 Ways to Use Military Surplus Ammo Cans

Posted by digital on November 21st, 2010

Ammo cans are made to carry ammunition to soldiers in the battlefield. You can find personal uses for them right at home. Military surplus stores carry boxes called “ammo cans” which make excellent storage. They were originally designed, and the military uses them, to deliver ammunition to the troops. The soldiers keep their ammunition in [...]

You can make a spectacular descent using the right practices and good rappelling gear. The military, especially the Special Forces, use rappelling to train and accomplish missions. You can use the same methods for recreation, exercising and seeing beautiful views. Just avoid these 5 major mistakes with rappelling equipment to use during the descent.

Meals Ready to Eat have developed over a long history starting in the early days of America. Many soldiers do not know where MRE’s come from or why they are designed the way they are. Here are some answers about the history of the military food rations given to soldiers in field situations.